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A homage to Ron Burgundy

Movie references are spread throughout the whole game. For example players are confronted right at the beginning sequence with a news anchorman, who looks like Ron Burgundy, from the film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. When main character Jack Kelly is on his beat in Beat Cop, he'll also sometimes have to talk with some tenants. Some of the names seem very familiar and are mostly characters from very famous movies, like all the characters from the movie "Alien", who are living in an apartment house. Kelly sometimes can hold short conversations with them, which can turn out more or less weird.

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The characters from "Alien" live in one of the buildings and taken from the conversation, there must be a problem with a parasite...

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  • Igor Denko - a Russian colleague appears in day 4 Brick-Red - and is a movie reference of "Red Heat", where Arnold Schwarzenegger played Ivan Danko, a Russian policeman.

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