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The main location of course is New York City, but there are minor locations in Beat Cop. Jack Kelly was removed from his old job as a Detective and must now work as a beat cop again. His task is to watch one street in Brooklyn.

Others[ | ]

250 Oak Street
Precinct 69
Hard Rick's Cafe, 607
Louie's Pizzeria, 609
Liquor Store, 611
Adamski's Deli, 615
Krank's Drugstore, 621
Candy's Hi-Fi Radio Television, 633
Church, 629
Laundry, 631
Boutique No.1, 607
Karina's Jewelery, 615
Porn Store, 611
Matthias Car Parts
Moonwalk Diner
Makefat Yo'Butts, 631
F.Ford Rental, 631
Pawn Shop
Odeon - Cinema next to Candy's Hi-Fi Radio Television