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Days are the "chapters" in Beat Cop, and on every day the player character Jack Kelly must solve several tasks, like to ticket cars or to catch shoplifters. The main quest is to find out, who framed him for murder. Every day of the beat starts in Precinct 69 and a talk by Sergeant Holloway. After the encouraging talk of Holloway, Jack is brought by a police car to the beat and his tour starts around 8 until 5 o'clock. He sometimes will get an extra pay, if he solves some tasks (like ticketing some cars) before noon and etc.

Day 1 - New shoes[ | ]

Jack meets Fat Mike, whom shows him around.
Visit Hard Rick's Cafe, 607
Visit Louie's Pizzeria, 609
Visit the Liquor Store, 611
Visit Adamski's Deli, 615
Visit Krank's Drugstore, 621
Visit HiFi Electronics, 633
Visit the Church, 629
Visit the Laundry, 631

Day 2 - Here, Kitty Kitty[ | ]

Help a little girl find her cat.
coming soon

Day 3 - Old Lace[ | ]

coming soon

Day 4 - Brick-Red[ | ]

Jack must take care of Igor Denko, a russian colleague.
5 parking tickets must be written
3 cars must be towed

Day 5 - Chocolate Ice Cream[ | ]

Conduct a full patrol of the street (once in the morning, once in the afternoon)
4 Headlight tickets must be written

Day 6 - Broken Promises[ | ]