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In Beat Cop the main and player character is Jack Kelly, a police officer and as if writing tickets wasn't enough, he is framed for murder! Players now must find out who did that to Kelly. Many of the characters, who Kelly will meet during his beat are movie references.

Other Characters[ | ]

The Senator
Sergeant Holloway
Captain Yablonsky
Shepansky - another Cop
Cortez - another Cop
McNab - another Cop
Fat Mike - another Cop
Father Mushroom - the priest
Louie Tataglia - the owner of Louie's Pizzeria
Harry Pong - owner of the Laundry
Benny Pong - owner of the Laundry
Jerran Diggs - owner of the Pawn Shop
Igor Denko - a russian colleague and a movie reference of "Red Heat"
Lieutnant Jacobs